Why to become a member

Access to Reports

Access to detailed Startups reports reviewed by Accurate Advice. The reports allow your investment decision to be made more assertively.


All members will be able to use printed materials such as Business Cards and flyers, as well as access to an exclusive Angel Investors League email allowing immediate identification as a member of the league with the recipient.

Access to Events

You will be able to know each team that are part of the analyzed Startups. This enables personal contact so that expectations can be equalized.

How to become member

Request your Invitation

Request your invitation by completing our form.

Approval of the Profile

After the approval of your profile, you must invest in up to 12 months. The annual fee is USD 1000 and the affiliation fee will be used to Angel Investors League work and activities.

Minimum Investment

You will have up to a year to make a minimum investment of US$ 1,000 in any of the Startups presented through reports or events held by the League. If you find a Startup in the market you can invest the resources provided in the Investment Club. But before doing so you must ask the League to analyze the Startup in order to reduce risks and ensure our monitoring of the investments made.


Note: If no investments are made in any Startup in up to 12 months of participation in the league, the member will be excluded from the board for 12 months. After this period, the investor may return to the league and must invest within 6 months after his return. If there are no investments again, the member will be definitively banned from the league.


What the investors say

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