We apply an exclusive methodology developed by Accurate Advice, with the objective of providing companies assessments quickly and reliably before a full due diligence.

All the companies already evaluated are in our consolidated report available, free of charge, here on our website. Detailed information about companies is available in our quarterly reports and is exclusively accessible to league members.

Our angel investors have the possibility to know in depth the business, the people involved and the scenario to which the company is inserted before making the negotiation. This guarantees a real reduction of the risks involved in this type of operation.

$ 2.870.000,00

Amount invested in startups since 2012

Highlighted Companies

collection feces and urine Humanized
System management for condominiums.
Maintenance management platform
Creation and management of QR-Codes.
Marketplace for boat rentals.
Buying and selling bitcoins peer-to-peer.
Reference in digital security.
Marketplace of esoteric consultants.
Cloud intranet softtware.
Managed Security Services Provider
Real-Time Performance Analytics
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